7-Dec-2010 10:08 AM

Continental postpones Houston-Auckland service due to B787 delay

United Continental Holdings stated Continental has postponed the 16-Nov-2011 launch of its proposed Houston-Auckland service until 2012 due to an expected delay in the delivery of B787s (Bloomberg/Chicago Tribune, 07-Dec-2010). The carrier did not reveal when it expects to take delivery of its B787 equipment, initially scheduled for delivery in Mar-2009. The carrier has ordered 25 B787s. The airline intends to commence Houston-Lagos service on 10-Nov-2011 with B777 instead of B787 equipment as originally planned.

Continental: “In anticipation of Boeing advising us of further delays, we’re going to push the service to 2012. Commencement of the service does depend on delivery of the 787,” Julie King, a spokeswoman. Source: Bloomberg, 07-Dec-2010.