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Chinese carriers recruiting Korean pilots to meet rising demand

24-Jun-2011 11:45 AM

Air China and other China-based carriers are reportedly seeking to recruit Korean pilots to meet surging air travel demand (Korea Times, 22-Jun-2011). The Chinese carriers are reportedly offering up to KWD170 million (USD155,800) in annual salaries on top of housing subsidies and other benefits, compared with the starting salary for captains of KWD120 million (USD110,000) at Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. Korean Air and Asiana have stated they will keep an eye on the situation but added “there is no need to worry about it”. Korean Air employs 2550 pilots operating 105 aircraft and plans to hire 150 additional pilots as 18 new aircraft have been and will be introduced this year. Asiana employs 1176 pilots operating a fleet of 74 aircraft.