22-Jan-2013 11:44 AM

China releases aviation and aerospace development plan

China State Council released (21-Jan-2013) its plan to promote the develop the nation’s civil aviation industry with focus on the division of work between the programmes. Details of the plan includes:

  • Strengthen the planning and construction of airports: Transform airports in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou into international hubs, support gateway airports in Kunming and Urumqi, and develop larger regional airports including Shenyang;
  • General Aviation: Promote and support general aviation development;
  • Strengthen international competitiveness of airlines: Through opening up policies and encouraging domestic carriers to improve their international competitiveness;
  • ATM: Accelerate the construction of a modern air traffic control system;
  • Environment: Develop green low carbon aviation through more direct air routes to improve efficiency and encourage airlines to introduce energy saving and environmental protection models;
  • Domestic civil aircraft manufacturing: Actively support domestic made aircraft;
  • Policy: Improve tax policy to increase investment in the construction and development of civil aviation; strengthen the collection and use of the Civil Aviation Development Fund; strengthening the legislative and planning process to improve airspace management laws and regulations; improve the national civil airport layout plan; increase effort to reform the airspace management; strength science, education and human resources support. [more – original PR – Chinese]