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Cathay offers pilots salary increase; averts work-to-rule action

20-Dec-2010 10:10 AM

Cathay Pacific stated it has offered its 2500 pilots salary increases (The Standard/Bloomberg/Wall Street Journal, 19/20-Dec-2010). Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association, which represents the pilots' three unions, has reportedly accepted the offer and recommended that the approximately 2500 Cathay pilots accept the proposal, which was put forward on 17-Dec-2010. The union added that it could take between two and four weeks to vote on the offer. It was previously reported that the pilots were demanding a 30% increase over four years. No details on the offer were disclosed but it is expected to be lower than what the union demanded. Pilots have threatened a work-to-rule over Christmas if demands are not met although the agreement averts this possible action.