7-Jan-2011 9:29 AM

Cathay flight attendants' union threatens work-to-rule

Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants' Union has threatened a work-to-rule campaign over the Lunar New Year period and accused the airline of "playing with figures" by including annual pay scale increments into the promised 4.5% pay increase (The Standard, 07-Jan-2011). This means, according to Union general secretary Tsang Kowk-fung, that the actual pay increase is 1-1.5%. The union, which stated it represents 80% of the carrier's 8000 flight attendants, stated it would decide on a plan of action at a meeting on 10-Jan-2011.

Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants' Union: "The annual grade jump is usually not considered a pay rise for most employers, including the government. It should be a basic reward for loyalty. We are calling for a pay rise of 8%, inclusive of the grade jump," The Standard, 07-Jan-2011.