25-Feb-2013 10:10 AM

CAAC committed to cross-Strait development, 2012 pax up 25%

CAAC deputy director Xia Xinghua, speaking at the 10 anniversary of cross-Strait air transport development review symposium on 21-Feb-2013, stated (22-Feb-2013) CAAC will continue to provide unwavering and unremitting support to the development of Taiwanese carriers. Mr Xia announced three proposals regarding the future development of cross-Strait air transport, including continuing to strengthen the cooperation between air transport companies from mainland China and Taiwan; continuing to safeguard the operation by Taiwanese airlines in mainland China; and continue to promote the peace and development of cross-Strait aviation. According to CAAC, 15 airlines (nine from mainland China and six from Taiwan) operate on cross-Strait routes, operating 616 weekly services to 64 destinations. CAAC also reported the following cross-Strait traffic highlights for 2012:

  • Passenger numbers: 9.0 million, +25% year-on-year;
  • Passenger load factor: 76.2%;
  • Cargo volume: 170,000 tonnes, +9.3%;
  • Number of flights: 54,831. [more – original PR – Chinese]