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Breakthrough in EU-Brazil negotiations on far-reaching agreement

21-Mar-2011 10:23 AM

EU and Brazil have initialled (18-Mar-2011) a comprehensive agreement on air transport services. Key points of the agreement include:

  • All EU airlines will be able to freely operate direct flights to anywhere in Brazil from anywhere in Europe, with the agreement removing all restrictions on routes, prices, and the number of weekly flights between Brazil and the EU;
  • New business opportunities will be created for European cargo operators flying to Brazil and beyond;
  • Improved flexibility by reducing administrative burdens on airlines makes it easier to do business in Brazil;
  • Both sides have agreed to closely cooperate in a wide range of areas including safety, security, application of competition law, air traffic management, environment, consumer protection and social and labour issues.

According to an economic study, full market opening with Brazil could generate up to EUR460 million in consumer benefits a year. The potential for traffic growth is estimated at 335,000 additional passengers in the first year. The EU has already comprehensive air transport agreements in effect with the US, Canada, Switzerland, Morocco, the Western Balkan countries, Georgia and Jordan. [more]