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ATR: Aviation market showing increasing segmentation as turboprop orders surge

12-Jul-2012 9:22 AM

ATR CEO Filippo Bagnato said (11-Jul-2012) the aviation market is becoming "increasingly segmented" and turboprop aircraft with up to 90 seats are "occupying an ever more dominant market position". ATR has a leading position in the market segment for regional aircraft with up to 90 seats, with an order backlog of over 200 aircraft, accounting for two thirds of all regional aircraft to be delivered in the 50- to 90-seater range. Mr Bagnato said propeller-driven aircraft now represent 80% of the order book for planes with up to 90 seats, with regional jets sales are progressively focusing on higher-capacity planes. ATR is "seeing a more and more significant leaning towards turboprop technology for the future of regional aviation in the 90-seater and under category." [more - original PR]