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Atlas Air Worldwide profits down in 2Q2013/1H2013; reaffirms full year outlook

2-Aug-2013 12:54 PM

Atlas Air Worldwide revenue down 5% – financial highlights:

  • Three months ended 30-Jun-2013:
    • Total operating revenue: USD403.6 million, -5.0% year-on-year;
      • ACMI: USD182.0 million, +13.4%;
      • Commercial charter: USD117.8 million, -2.5%;
      • AMC charter: USD94.1 million, -31.8%;
      • Dry leasing: USD6.2 million, +117%;
    • Total operating costs: USD355.1 million, -3.7%;
      • Fuel: USD102.7 million, -12.6%;
      • Labour: USD72.5 million, -1.2%;
    • Operating profit: USD48.5 million, -13.6%;
    • Net profit: USD20.1 million, -35.0%;
  • Six months ended 30-Jun-2013:
    • Total operating revenue: USD780.9 million, -0.4%;
      • ACMI: USD363.1 million, +15.2%;
      • Commercial charter: USD208.9 million, +5.6%;
      • AMC charter: USD192.2 million, -25.9%;
      • Dry leasing: USD10.0 million, +71.7%;
    • Total operating costs: USD709.9 million, +0.4%;
      • Fuel: USD196.1 million, -7.6%;
      • Labour: USD145.0 million, +0.6%;
    • Operating profit: USD71.1 million, -7.4%;
    • Net profit: USD40.1 million, -8.1%;
    • Total assets: USD3406 million;
    • Cash and cash equivalents: USD355.8 million;
    • Total liabilities: USD2158 million. [more - original PR]

Atlas Air Worldwide: “We expect market growth during 2013 to be seasonal and second-half weighted. We anticipate a strong peak season in 2013 driven by demand for new consumer electronics, especially in the gaming sector. Based on our outlook for peak season and in line with our first-half performance, we continue to anticipate a sequential increase in our quarterly earnings throughout the year, with just under 80% of full-year adjusted EPS of approximately USD4.80 occurring in the second half.” Source: Company statement, 01-Aug-2013.