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Asia Pacific and Indian carriers resume some operations to Europe

21-Dec-2010 8:13 AM

Asia Pacific and Indian carriers resumed some operations to Europe on 20-Dec-2010 as weather conditions in the continent eased, but there were still a number of delays and cancellations:

  • North Asia:
  • Southeast Asia:
    • Malaysia Airlines: stated it plans to resume flights to Heathrow after the airport partially resumed operations, but stated it still expects delays due to heavy congestion (Bernama, 20-Dec-2010). The carrier's services remained subject to approval from Heathrow.
    • Thai Airways: announced (20-Dec-2010) the delayed departure and arrival of Bangkok-Heathrow flights, due to the temporary closure of the airport on 19-Dec-2010; [more]
  • South Pacific:
    • Air New Zealand: stated Auckland-London flights were scheduled to depart on the evening of 20-Dec-2010. Two aircraft previously stranded at Heathrow also departed on 20-Dec-2010 (NZPA/ONE News, 21-Dec-2010);
    • Qantas: stated it is now operating services to London as scheduled and expected aircraft stranded in Asia to depart for London in the evening of 20-Dec-2010;
  • India:
    • Air India: stated flights from Delhi and Mumbai to London remain grounded, as it awaiting approval to operate flights from Heathrow (The Economic Times, 20-Dec-2010)
    • Kingfisher Airlines: announced (20-Dec-2010) some Mumbai-Heathrow services will be in operation following the partial reopening. Flights diverted from Heathrow on 19-Dec-2010 were rescheduled to arrive at Heathrow on the evening of 20-Dec-2010. One Heathrow-Mumbai flight was cancelled during the day on 20-Dec-2010, as the aircraft scheduled to operate the flight was held up at Brussels Airport as local supplies of de-icing fluid have been exhausted and fresh supplies are expected to take some time to be delivered; [more] [more]
    • Pakistan International Airlines: stated it was confident its schedule to/from Europe would be normalised soon as weather conditions have started to improve (, 21-Dec-2010). The carrier was able to operate one Birmingham-Istanbul service on 20-Dec-2010, while a further two aircraft remain stranded in Paris and Cologne. The carrier also continued to delay two services that were scheduled to operate from Heathrow to Islamabad on 19-Dec-2010 (Internews, 21-Dec-2010);
    • SriLankan Airlines: plan to operate a previously suspended flight from Heathrow, shortly after the airport partially reopened (, 21-Dec-2010);