21-Apr-2011 1:05 PM

AMR Corporation revenue up 9.2% in 1Q2011

AMR Corp, parent of American Airlines, reported (20-Apr-2011) the following consolidated financial highlights for the three months ended Mar-2011:

  • Revenue: USD5,533 million, +9.2% year-on-year;
  • Operating costs: USD5,765 million, +7.4%;
    • Fuel: USD1,842 million, +24.8%;
    • Labour: USD1,722 million, +1.1%;
  • Operating profit/loss: (USD232 million), compared with a loss of USD298 million in p-c-p;
  • Net profit/loss: (USD436 million), compared with a loss of USD505 million in p-c-p;
  • Mainline operations:
    • Passenger traffic (RPMs): +1.6%;
    • Passenger load factor: 77.1%, -0.8 ppt;
    • Passenger revenue yield per RPM: USD14.18 cents, +6.2%;
    • Passenger revenue per ASM: USD10.92 cents, +5%.
  • 2Q2011 traffic forecast:
    • Consolidated capacity: +3.9%;
      • Mainline: +2.9%;
      • Domestic: -0.4%;
      • International: +8.1%. [more]

American Airlines: "High fuel prices remain one of the biggest challenges to our industry and our company. We believe our steps to aggressively increase revenues, reduce capacity, control non-fuel operating costs, and bolster liquidity will help us to better manage the challenges we currently face," Gerard Arpey, AMR Chairman and CEO. Source: Company statement, 20-Apr-2011.