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AirAsia may set up AirAsia Japan in JV with ANA: reports

18-Jul-2011 10:03 AM

AirAsia and All Nippon Airways (ANA) are reportedly likely to sign an agreement to launch an LCC in Japan, with the two parties reportedly in negotiations regarding the proposed Tokyo Narita-based LCC (Star/Reuters/Asahi Shimbun/The Yomiuri Shimbun/AAP/AFP, 15/16/17-Jul-2011). An announcement is reportedly expected this week. According to the reports, AirAsia will drive operations and hold an equity share in the partnership called AirAsia Japan. The envisioned LCC would reportedly offer domestic services from FY2012 or later, after the number of arrival and departure slots at Tokyo Narita increases. The new airline would reportedly launch international services to destinations in East Asia, such as China and South Korea, at a later date. ANA has established an LCC, Peach Aviation, with a Hong Kong investment company and other investors. Peach Aviation's operational base is Kansai International Airport. Japan Airlines also reportedly plans to soon establish an LCC JV with Jetstar Airways. The speculated ANA JV would be AirAsia's first outside Southeast Asia.