3-Jun-2010 1:07 PM

Air Canada's aircraft lease expiries to 2013

Air Canada has the following aircraft leases expiring over the next three years (Ascend, 03-Jun-2010):

  • A320-200 (build year: 1990), CFM56, 15-Jun-2010, GECAS;
  • A319-100 (build year: 1995), CFM56, 21-Feb-2011, GECAS;
  • 4xA320-200 (build year: 1989), CFM56, 21-Feb-2011, GECAS;
  • 3xA320-200 (build year:1990), CFM56, 21-Feb-2011, GECAS;
  • 8xA320-200 (build year:1991), CFM56, 21-Feb-2011, GECAS;
  • B767-300 (build year:1991), PW4000, 15-Apr-2011, AerCap;
  • A321-200 (build year:2002), CFM56, 27-Jun-2012, MC Aviation Partners/Mitsubishi Corporation;
  • A321-200 (build year:2002), CFM56, 21-Jul-2012, MC Aviation Partners/Mitsubishi Corporation;
  • B767-300 (build year 1999), CF6, 14-Oct-2013, GECAS;
  • B767-300 (build year:1996), PW4000, 15-Nov-2013, Aircastle Advisor LLC;
  • B767-300 (build year:1999), CF6, 17-Dec-2013, GECAS.