18-Jan-2011 10:14 AM

AEA welcomes airberlin as new member

Association of European Airlines (AEA) expanded (17-Jan-2011) its membership to 36 from Jan-2011, with the addition of airberlin. The carrier is Germany's second largest airline and Europe's sixth largest airline in terms of passengers. [more]

airberlin:In traditional terms we are a hybrid carrier. That means we aim to offer a high-quality product at very reasonable prices, with leisure and business travellers equally welcome on board our aircraft. We operate from primary airports, offer point-to-point services as well as connecting flights, run a very successful and fast-growing frequent flyer programme and have tailored our product to serve the needs of business travellers. Premium check-in facilities, lounges and class differentiation on our long-haul flights are just a few examples. I believe we, in the airline sector, should focus primarily on consumer interests, and make sure these are well understood in the political world,” Joachim Hunold, CEO. Source: Company statement, 17-Jan-2010.