7-Dec-2010 10:36 AM

ACI reports pax traffic up 7.7% in Oct-2010

ACI reports world pax traffic up 7.7% - traffic highlights in Oct-2010:

  • Total passenger traffic: +7.7%;
  • Total freight: +9.6%;
    • World domestic: 3.9%;
    • World international: 12.0%;
      • Africa: +10.0%;
      • Asia Pacific: +10.7%;
      • Europe: +16.2%;
      • Latin America and the Caribbean: -1.6%;
      • Middle East: +4.2%;
      • North America: +6.2%. [more]

ACI: "Passenger growth is very robust and will most likely hold above 6% at year end which is excellent news after a 2% drop in 2009. Looking at regional results what is striking is that growth curves are converging. Growth in North America and Europe is accelerating whereas it has been slowing down in Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America-Caribbean regions." Andreas Schimm, Economics Director. Source: ACI World, 05-Dec-2010.