6-Dec-2013 6:00 AM

A340-300 burns 5% less fuel than 777-200ER: Airbus

Airbus COO John Leahy noted that compared to a Boeing 777-200ER, the A340-300 burns 5% less fuel, with a few less seats this means it has equal fuel burn per seat (aviationnews-online.com, 04-Dec-2013). He also stated the maintenance cost on four engines is less than the maintenance cost on two engines for the 777. While Mr Leahy conceded that the A340-600 burns more fuel than the GE90, he noted that fuel burn is lower than the 747-400, adding that the engine maintenance costs are the same thanks to Rolls-Royce's four for two price promise (it has committed to a four engine maintenance cost that is equal to the maintenance cost of two) and the airframe maintenance costs are also equal. He also noted that the A340 is available short-term as a replacement of other ageing aircraft as well as providing interim lift before the A350 XWB becomes available. He said that aircraft type is also ideal for charter/niche operators with high capacity requirements as well as long-haul start-ups.