The AN−158 and AN−148 enter market of Latin America

Direct News Source

11-Jul-2012 As Russian Iliushin Finance leasing company (IFC)” informs, On July 9, 2012 within the “Farnborough−2012” international air show, Russian leasing “Iliushin Finance company” (IFC) and “South American Leasing S.A. Panama Company” signed the contract on purchase of 15 AN−148 and AN−158 regional jets. According to the Contract, IFC acts as a seller of these airplanes and organizer of financing of the bargain, the Latin−American partner acts as a lessor of the airplanes, which are bought for the airlines of Caribbean islands and Africa.

The contract foresees delivery to Panama the first three AN−158 airplanes starting from December 2012 during three months and option for 5 AN−158s and 7 AN−148s during 2013−2014. The AN−158s will be built at ANTONOV Serial Plant. They will be passed to IFC according to the contracts signed between this leasing company and ANTONOV Company in 2010 and 2011.