Qantas expands global access to the Qantas Distribution Platform

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Qantas has today expanded global access to the Qantas Distribution Platform with the addition of nine countries across Europe, Asia and the Pacific enabling even more global agents to access Qantas’ advanced retailing technology.

Travel agents based in the following countries can access the Qantas Distribution Platform:

Belgium (now available)
France (now available)
Italy (now available)
India (now available)
Ireland (now available)
Israel (now available)
Luxembourg (now available)
New Zealand
Netherlands (now available)
Papua New Guinea (now available)
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States
Qantas is progressively rolling out the Qantas Distribution Platform, with more countries to be unlocked in the coming months.

This press release was sourced from Qantas Airways on 21-Jun-2022.