Prime Minister Duško Marković visits Ulcinj: I am positively surprised by what Municipality of Ulcin

09-Oct-2017 Prime Minister Duško Marković said at the end of his official visit to the Municipality of Ulcinj that the goal of the visit is to define together the priorities for the development perspective.

"Municipality of Ulcinj has done almost everything that is up to it and I am really positively surprised by the level of projects preparation that needs to promptly encourage the development of infrastructure in Ulcinj, and of the projects that will improve the tourist offer of Ulcinj. I am quite sure that we will soon have the projects that will enhance our tourism potential, contribute to the new quality of life in Ulcinj and create new jobs," said the Prime Minister. He added that at the meeting it was noted that the Municipality of Ulcinj, in cooperation with the Government, significantly stabilised its finances and that it would be easier in the future to create development plans involving the Government and the Municipality.

Prime Minister pointed out the fact that credible investors have shown interest in building a high category hotel in Ulcinj.

"It is of great importance to create the conditions for the start of the construction of a sewage network for four settlements in Ulcinj by the end of the year, which will definitely resolve 50% of the Porto Milena pollution issues, which is decisively important for new investments," the Prime Minister said, adding that advancement of the city infrastructure has also been agreed.

Answers to journalists: Montenegro Airlines, border with Kosovo, "public opinion poll", dialogue

Answering a journalists' question, the Prime Minister said that the Government will support the Montenegro Airlines.

"Responsible Government must not allow these burdens and debts of the Montenegro Airlines to fall one day at the expense of the budget. Therefore, only irresponsible individuals, politically frustrated politicians and political calculators can criticise the Government's commitment and its intention to support Montenegro Airlines and bring it to the stage when the problems that the Montenegrin Airlines' business represents for the Government and the budget will be better resolved."

"If the Montenegro Airlines does not have a prospect, the Government will initiate procedures to take responsibility for it and pay off its obligations to creditors," the Prime Minister said, adding that the Government is concerned with the essence of sustaining every enterprise if possible.

Prime Minister said that this Government will behave in a responsible manner.

"Today, Montenegro Airlines is criticised by those who took the most money out of the company based on fees in boards, daily allowances, travels ... Do I need to remind you who these people are? I will not, but ask Mr Konjević, he knows it better, as the majority of the people there belong to his party," said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Asked by a journalist from Kosovo whether Montenegro is ready for a new review of the border between the two countries, PM Marković reiterated that as far as Montenegro is concerned this issue is over.

"We have friendly relations with Kosovo, we are waiting patiently for Kosovo to find the opportunity to come out of this situation, because it is primarily in the interest of Kosovo. Kosovo citizens have the right to visa liberalisation. Now it is the responsibility of the authorities of Kosovo and the Government of Kosovoto to act. You must be brave in making a decision. Back then when Montenegro decided to recognise Kosovo, 80% of the public in Montenegro was against it, but we knew it was a decision for the future. This decision by the Kosovo government is a decision for the future when it comes to the region. Let them be brave, let them do what they need to do," said Prime Minister Marković.

When asked by the Television of Montenegro about negotiations with the opposition, the Prime Minister said that the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is waiting for the dialogue with opposition to start.

"Ask them why they do not want diaogue. They are waiting for the elections date – they will not get it. We should be now discussing the fulfilment of the ODIHR recommendations. Speaker of the Parliament and DPS will offer talks on meeting ODIHR recommendations, we will send it to all parliamentary political parties and we are waiting for them to discuss it. If they do not want to talk – that is their problem. We are ready to start talks today. We are not the problem - ask them. Let them come to the parliament, to discuss the ODIHR recommendations  adopt them and to go to the elections, so we will see who will have the majority, "said the Prime Minister.

Asked by a reporter about the results of a "public opinion poll" published in the media claiming that these results were obtained from a political party, PM Marković said that the DPS has never commented on opinion polls.

"We do not analyse the results of political competition, we do our political work. This political job will result in our victory as it has been so far," the Prime Minister concluded.

Source: Montenegro's Government