Moment Places Flymingo Next Aboard Aircraft for Connected and Smart Cabins

Moment has launched Flymingo Next, an IFEC hardware platform helping to transform aircraft cabins, relying on the introduction of IoT technology for unparalleled passenger comfort and enhanced safety.

As digitalization continues to become more important and airlines need to develop new business models, Moment provides an innovative solution that can improve service offering for passengers while assisting with all the onboard procedures.

Challenging traditional hardware architectures, Flymingo Next system includes two components: a Server/WAP and one simple WAP. This flexible configuration allows easy installation on any aircraft type, either in the ceiling or in the avionic bay. With its advanced modular design and compact size, Flymingo Next can be installed on small aircraft, offering the same capabilities with a Server/WAP only.

The integration of the latest Wi-Fi (802.11 ac/ax), Bluetooth 5.0 and LTE technologies ensures high technological inflight performance, with unparalleled Wi-Fi coverage and streaming speed. Flymingo Next software is also tailored to fulfill strict safety requirements, from content storage on the server to the distribution to passengers’ devices.

As a connectivity-ready solution, Flymingo Next unlocks significant benefits for both flight crews and travelers who can now respectively manage and access web services from a dedicated user interface.

Flymingo Next empowers airlines to increase their passengers’ level of comfort by adapting to their needs and providing new, more personalized services: connectivity, access to IFE programs, control of seat elements (light, temperature, etc.) or e-commerce services.

Integrating IoT technology, Next has been developed to assist flight crew and improve maintenance via a network of wireless sensors connected to the server. Flymingo Next is able to deal with a large number of operations by automatically checking cabin elements from seat belts to luggage compartments and provides a better overview of the cabin.

Tanguy Morel, co-founder and CEO of Moment explains,“Moment has developed this new platform as a hub to make the cabin smart and connected.” He adds: “Flymingo Next’s technological concept and its open architecture empower airlines with more choice and agility during their in-flight services and simplifies the development of new and innovative ideas. With this state-of-the-art technology, Moment wants to help airlines meet the challenges of modern aviation and improve performance on board.”

This press release was sourced from Moment on 11-Sep-2019.