Lufthansa, CENTOGENE and Amadeus partner to bring digital health verification for passengers

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Lufthansa, CENTOGENE and Amadeus partner to bring digital health verification for passengers

Lufthansa has implemented Traveler ID for Safe Travel, enabling health documentation to be verified directly through the mobile app when travelers check-in online on 2000 weekly flights from non-risk Schengen areas

The Airport Companion App will also be able to verify health documentation, giving Lufthansa staff the flexibility to manage passenger flows throughout the terminal

Travelers might have taken self-service check-in for granted before COVID-19. The ability to check-in from the comfort of your home and move easily through airport check points without additional queues is a vital element to reduce friction and time waiting at the airport. Yet the need to check health documentation, due to requirements in place because of COVID-19, has brought challenges to that seamless process.

To meet this challenge, Lufthansa has implemented Traveler ID for Safe Travel, an Amadeus solution that makes mobile check-in possible once more, by allowing passengers to verify their health documentation directly through the airline app. Amadeus technology is able to process QR Codes coming from the European Union Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC), allowing travelers to scan proof of vaccination or required test results to travel that meets the EU DCC standard during mobile check-in. This then allows the boarding pass to be automatically issued without further physical checks at the airport – and the capability is now possible on all of Lufthansa’s weekly 2000 flights coming from non-risk Schengen areas.

In addition, Traveler ID for Safe Travel is fully integrated with CENTOGENE, Lufthansa’s partner for medical testing services in Germany. This means that travelers who book their PCR or antigen test through CENTOGENE are also able to scan a QR code as they check-in through the airline app, and the documentation will be automatically processed through Amadeus’ connection with CENTOGENE.

Before passengers are offered the possibility to scan or upload their health documentation, Traveler ID for Safe Travel checks the requirements for that particular trip with country regulations, meaning that only passengers who need to provide health documentation are invited to do so.

Additionally, Lufthansa is using the Amadeus Airport Companion App, which means airline staff at the airport can scan passenger’s boarding passes through an iPad, giving them flexibility to manage passenger flows throughout the terminal. Lufthansa agents will also soon be able to use the Airport Companion App to scan and process health documentation, enabling airline staff to update passenger information whenever they need to along the passenger journey, without being limited to the check-in counters.

“We are pleased to bring back the convenience and efficiency of self-service check-in for our travelers on specific routes by working together with Amadeus. It’s time to re-start a smooth passenger journey, we know people are longing to get back in the skies, and they need the right technology in place to feel safe to do so,” says Dr. Christian Pöselt, Head of Passenger Service Systems, Lufthansa Group.

“The increasing demand for flights shows that the population wants to catch up on traveling, as well as on many other areas of personal life, following the restrictions we had to live with in recent months. We look forward to working with our partners to create innovative concepts and support safe air travel. The fully digitalized test result delivery system that we have implemented into our processes right from the start of our SARS-CoV-2 testing activities, builds the optimal foundation to achieve this goal," states Dr. Michael Mehler, Head of Covid Business Unit at CENTOGENE.

“It’s exciting to have delivered the benefits of Traveler ID for Safe Travel to Lufthansa. By allowing a self-service check-in experience to take place once more, this innovative health verification technology helps enable a smooth passenger journey,” comments Christian Warneck, VP, Safe Travel Ecosystem, Amadeus. “Through our Safe Travel Ecosystem, we are working relentlessly with our customers and partners such as Lufthansa and CENTOGENE to remove friction from the passenger journey and support the recovery of travel.”

Traveler ID for Safe Travel is currently live with eleven airlines, with further customers to be announced soon. Collaboration and digital connectivity with global and national partners are key for the solution. Traveler ID’s digital identity and health verification capabilities are also relevant for other customer groups, including hotels and airports.

This press release was sourced from Amadeus on 22-Sep-2021.