Brussels South Charleroi Airport: Air Belgium Launches Its Regular Service Between Brussels Charlero

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Air Belgium Launches Its Regular Service Between Brussels Charleroi And Hong Kong

Air Belgium today launched its first regular connection between Brussels Charleroi and Hong Kong. For the occasion, the airline also unveiled its new business lounge, a stone’s throw away from the plane.

Highly anticipated launch of the first direct flights to Asia by a Belgian airline

The inauguration ceremony took place at Brussels Charleroi, witnessed by ministers, government official, representatives from the world of politics and economics, and of course the managers of Air Belgium and Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA) along with partner companies.

Eric Bauche, Chairman of the Air Belgium Board of Directors, announced: “It is with great pride that we are inaugurating this first commercial connection in the history of Air Belgium, which is also the first flight between Brussels Charleroi and Asia. It is the result of two years of hard work and many milestones that have been passed in this new adventure, both for the staff of Air Belgium and those of BSCA. Hong Kong is just the first step in our journey to China, and we will soon be unveiling more destinations. We would like to thank the authorities, federal and regional governments, as well as our partners who have supported us all the way to this successful outcome.”

Laurent Lévêque, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, declared: “The arrival of Air Belgium on the tarmac at our airport is the manifestation of our desire to keep moving forward. This is a new chapter in the history of BSCA, as it takes us on a long-haul adventure and opens the door to new continents. The investments granted to extend the runway and improve our facilities for welcoming passengers are contributing to this drive forward. We are showing how dreams can come magnificently true.”

Belgitude, Belgian products and comfort

For its 3 different classes (Economy, Premium and Business), Air Belgium has chosen to showcase Belgian products and services. So it is only natural that we serve up a variety of traditional dishes, accompanied by Belgian products like beer, wine, cheese, treats and coffee etc. A little piece of Belgium can be found on every flight, and a wonderful discovery for foreign travellers.

Air Belgium is committed to offering comfort, convenience and hospitality to all of its passengers. A business lounge has been specially built for Business and Premium passengers. They can now enjoy a private, peaceful area, benefiting from the services they need and direct access to their flight.

Hong Kong, the first destination and a surprising city

It’s no coincidence that Air Belgium has chosen Hong Kong as its first destination. This city is the main hub for South-East Asia. Hong Kong is all about energy, contrasts, enthusiasm, the elegance and sweetness of Asian life, a major global financial hub and a nerve centre for businesses active in Asia. Businessmen and tourists come here or pass through the city in their thousands every day.

Often regarded as “the City” or the “little New York” of Asia, spectacular, authentic Hong Kong offers some unmissable sites, including the view of the bay from Victoria Peak, the promenade in Kowloon, the Chinese district of Sheung Wan or the fishing village of Tai O.

Hong Kong is one of the main crossroads of Asia. Half of the world’s population can get there in under 5 hours by aeroplane. From an economic and tourist point of view, other key regions like Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Macao are very easily accessible by land or sea. And by plane, you can get to all the destinations in Asia, the Pacific and Oceania. Air Belgium will soon be announcing connections with other airlines to a number of these destinations.

This press release was sourced from Brussels South Charleroi Airport on 19-Jun-2018.