Air France-KLM Partners with Accelya to Deliver Personalized, Dynamic and Bundled Offers

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Accelya, a leading global provider of technology solutions to the travel industry, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Air France-KLM focused on the delivery of personalized and dynamic offers. With this agreement in place, the airline will be using FLX Merchandise to deliver dynamic fares for ancillaries (or paid options) and bundle offers to customers booking flights through its direct and NDC channels.

“Our customers are expecting more personalization, more options to choose from, more relevant offers, and a streamlined booking and travel experience,” says Pieter Bootsma, Chief Revenue Officer, Air France-KLM. “We have taken important steps over the past year in this direction and the FLX Merchandise solution provided by Accelya will enable us to accelerate this enrichment of our commercial offers on Air France and KLM direct and NDC channels in coming years.”

FLX Merchandise is an airline-controlled merchandising and rules engine that enables airlines to create customized product and service offers for multiple sales channels, including airline.com, mobile, check-in kiosks, call centers, and travel agencies (direct or via GDS).

Using FLX Merchandise, Air France and KLM will be deploying dynamic fares for ancillaries (or paid options) for all customers worldwide on its direct and NDC channels. Using this approach, seats will be dynamically priced, in real-time, based on demand. This functionality will further improve revenue steering for the airline while providing choice to their traveling customers.

Air France and KLM will also use FLX Merchandise to introduce and provide dynamic bundles to customers. This important step towards greater personalization will enable the most relevant bundle offers – such as a flight ticket and preferred seat – to be delivered to customers at an optimal price. This will increase the opportunities for upsell conversion. This feature will be launched in test countries in the coming weeks on the airline’s direct and NDC channels.

Air France-KLM has been very progressive in the approach it has taken to adopting NDC. Now, with our FLX Merchandise solution as an important solution within its NDC toolkit, they are very well positioned to take even greater control of the offers delivered to customers,” said James Fernandez, Chief Commercial Officer at Accelya. “Using our technology, Air France and KLM can more easily address the needs of corporate and leisure travelers for bookings made on its website and through NDC channels.”

This press release was sourced from Accelya on 30-Mar-2021.