Taiwan's China Airlines to provide Moon Festival charter flights to Shanghai

Taipei (XFN-ASIA) - Taiwan's main carrier China Airlines Co Ltd (CAL) and unit Mandarin Airlines will offer four round-trip charter flights to Shanghai during the upcoming Moon Festival, a CAL spokesman said.

The two carriers will use Boeing 747-400S to fly between Taipei and Shanghai between September 22 and September 30, the spokesman said.

The Moon Festival, also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, falls on September 25.

"The scheduled flights are 80-90 pct booked. We are pleased by the demand," he added.

Under an agreement signed between China and Taiwan, six carriers from each side are allowed to provide non-stop charter passenger services during the Lunar New Year, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Cross-strait direct transport links have been banned since China and Taiwan split at the end of a civil war im 1949, forcing all air and sea services to transit via third ports, mainly Hong Kong.