PRASM up 25% in June for US carriers

In the middle of the second quarter US airline reporting season, the Air Transport Association reported that passenger revenues for US carriers jumped 25% year-on-year in Jun-2010, marking the sixth consecutive month of revenue growth. For the 12 months ended Jun-2010, passenger revenue was approximately 0.5% greater than calendar year 2000 levels.

ATA yield growth: Jun-2008 to Jun-2010

“It is clear from these positive results that the recovering US economy is enabling airlines to dig out from the very deep hole of a year ago,” said ATA President and CEO James May.

The 12-month moving averages show clear upward trends from lows established in early 2011.

ATA yield: 12 months moving average

Approximately 1.4% more passengers traveled on US airlines in June while the average price to fly one mile rose 20%. International passenger revenue rose 38%, led by massive gains in trans-Pacific markets.

Increased international trade drove cargo growth with cargo revenue ton miles, rise 22% year on year (7% domestically and 35% internationally) in May 2010. June 2010 cargo data is not yet available.