New and highly improved switch from Honeywell

NEW JERSEY (Satair Asia) - Honeywell has introduced a new switch, part number 426HE13-8, replacing both the landing warning switch (part number 426EN9-8) and the flap position/up switch (part number 426EN10-8) on S138, S245, S290, & S1051 switch locations on Boeing B737aircraft and Boeing Business Jets.

The new switch is the solution to in-service problems with the two switches p/n 426EN9-8 and p/n 426EN10-8, where the problem was documented as internal corrosion. Consequently, the new switch, p/n 426HE13-8, is hermetically sealed to provide increased reliability as well as it is interchangeable with the older switches.

As per Boeing Service Letter 737-SL-27-079-F dated February 8, 2005, Boeing recommends replacing current switches on condition or as a preventive measure at a convenient maintenance opportunity.

To support your requirements for the new switch p/n 426HE13-8, Satair offers this switch from stock for immediate delivery – and at competitive price breaks too.

For further technical information on p/n 426HE13-8 or our electrical products manufactured by Honeywell, please contact your local Satair representative.

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