IATA calls for substantial cut in Tokyo's Narita<br> airport landing fees

TOKYO (XFNews) - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has

called for Tokyo's main international airport to cut its high landing charges

substantially to help airlines cope with rising fuel costs.

Narita International Airport Corp has been in the process of privatization since a year ago, and jas promised to cut its landing charges, now pegged at 2,400 yen per tonne.

"Japan's airports are the most expensive in the world," IATA director general Giovanni Bisignani told a news conference here. "This is now a golden opportunity for Narita to demonstrate the success of the privatization by addressing its high charges."

IATA, which groups 270 airline companies accounting for 94 pct of international air traffic, has insisted that Narita's cost data show the fee should be some 20 pct lower.

Bisignani said he would welcome it if Narita proposed to cut the fees by 20 pct.