CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation & Corporate Travel Summit

Sydney, Australia
1-2 Aug 2017

China & Asia Travel Outlook - 2 August 2017

09.00 - 11.00  General Session
09.00 Welcome by Conference Chairperson
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
09.05 The Qantas Keynote
Qantas Airways, Group Executive Government, Industry and International Affairs, Andrew Parker
09.40 The Accor Keynote
AccorHotels Asia Pacific, Chairman and CEO, Michael Issenberg [Download Presentation]
10.00 The Fiji Airways Keynote
Fiji Airways, Chief Marketing Officer, Marc Cavaliere [Download Presentation]
10.25 Keynote Address: Designing the airports of the future
, Partner, Antoinette Erickson Nassopoulos 
10.35 Hawaiian Airlines Keynote: No Room at the Inn: Airport Access and the Public Interest
Hawaiian Airlines, President & CEO, Mark Dunkerley [Download Presentation]
11.00 Coffee & Networking
11.30 Breakout Session: China & Asia Travel Outlook

Session Chairperson and Provocateur at large:
CAPA - Centre for Aviation
, Managing Director, Stephen Pearse
11.30  Keynote: Prospects for the Australian travel and tourism economy
An overview of the drivers of tourism export demand and outlook for Australia’s key cities/regions

BIS Oxford Economics, Head of Australia Macroeconomics, Sarah Hunter [Download Presentation]
11.50 Keynote: Outbound China and Asia travel and tourism growth outlook
  • Chinese visitors in Australia/NZ highly concentrated around Jan/Feb. How to drive year-round sustainability?
  • China is big, but we shouldn't ignore other Asian markets. What are the other less well-known and exciting inbound developments?
Tourism Australia, MD & CEO, John O’Sullivan [Download Presentation]
12.15 Executive Panel: Facilitating the expansion: Are Australia and New Zealand equipped?
  • Is it realistic to have nine or 10 Chinese airlines serving Australia/NZ?
  • What impact will China have on the global bilateral air policy system?
  • How much of the Asian market is there for the taking by Australia/NZ airlines vs Asian airlines? Have the Australian and New Zealand governments given too much away to foreign airlines?
  • Before Asian markets reach an outbound limit, Australia will likely reach a limit on how many visitors it can receive. What needs to be done?
  • What are the benefits – and drawbacks – of rapid inbound expansion
Moderator: Satu Raunola Consulting, Principal, Satu Raunola-Spencer


  • Hong Kong Airlines, Assistant Director Commercial, Michael Burke
  • Skyscanner, Director Business Development, Hugh Aitken
  • Tourism Australia, MD & CEO, John O’Sullivan
  • Tourism Futures International, Managing Director, Bob Cain
13.00 Networking Lunch & Summit Close