CAPA Airline Leader Summit

Dublin, Ireland
17-18 May 2018

17 May 2018

08:00 Registration, Networking & Coffee
9:00 Chairman's Welcome
09:05 Host Welcome
Dublin Airport,
Managing Director, Vincent Harrison
Irish Government,
Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Minister Shane Ross
09:15 CAPA Industry Outlook
CAPA - Centre for Aviation,
Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison [Download Presentation]
09:35 Keynote: Who provides the data, who collects it - and who knows how to use it?
We begin with a keynote address from author of "Data for the People: : How to Make Our Post-Privacy Economy Work for You" and Director of the Social Data Lab: "My expertise is the future of big data, social-mobile technologies, and consumer behavior. I study people and the data they create. In today's increasingly digitized world, consumers share data in unprecedented ways. This Social Data Revolution represents a deep shift in how people make purchasing and lifestyle choices."
Social Data Lab,
Director, Andreas Weigend
10:15 Panel: Who provides the data, who collects it - and who knows how to use it?
Data has become about a lot more than collecting information that your own customers provide you. Every step we take, every move we make is contributing to massive databases that provide the basis for a level of transparency that we could not have dreamt of as recently as a couple of decades ago. This is in many ways fearsome, as much of our business structuring has been built around an absence of transparency, allowing some form of manipulation of the customer. But, as airlines - and their suppliers - seek to open up new distribution avenues that share key information, the ubiquity of data is beginning to threaten, to disrupt the existing system on a much broader scale. Let's build the history and try to project where things are going.

Moderator: Aviation Strategy & Concepts, Managing Director, Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus [Download Presentation]

  • Amazon Web Services, Head, Worldwide Business Development, Travel & Transportation, Massimo Morin
  • Mezi, Vice President, Travel Strategy & Partnerships, Johnny Thorsen
  • Social Data Lab, Director, Dr Andreas Weigend
10:55 CAPA Product Update
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, 
Senior Account Manager, Marianne Cummins
11:00 Coffee Break & Networking
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11:30 Panel: Making money (and savings) from alliances and partnerships
Constrained by ownership and control rules established 70 years ago as a protectionist mechanism, in some ways the airline industry has progressed little – while technical advances have been phenomenal. As airlines cannot operate freely around the world, but need network benefits to succeed, global alliances were established as multilateral extensions of the many bilateral partnerships that existed widely. Much has changed since the Star Alliance began, to be followed by oneworld and SkyTeam. Where the global alliances have provided an umbrella for closed and immunised JVs, so also have deep bilateral partnerships across Alliance boundaries created new models. And Ultra long haul aircraft, the internet, metasearch, long haul low cost airlines and cross border equity relationships are just some of the fundamental leaders of change.The global alliances are designed to stimulate the financial reach of airlines, but they also have a role in reducing costs. Although they may be becoming peripheral to closer bilateral partnerships, there is still an important role for them – especially for their core members.

Moderator: AAPA, Director General, Andrew Herdman

  • Air China, Vice President & General Manager, North America, Zhihang Chi
  • DVB Bank SE, Senior Vice President Aviation Financial Consultancy, Albert Muntane Casanova
  • Flybe, CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener
  • Pittsburgh International Airport, CEO, Christina Cassotis
12:15 Airlink Presentation
Airlink, President & CEO, Steven Smith [Download Presentation]
12:20 Lunch Break & Networking
13:20 Keynote: The paradox of social media: balancing between opportunities and burden
KLM, President & CEO, Pieter Elbers
13:45 Panel: Social media is sexy. Making money from it is getting harder
Marketing has taken on many new faces over the past decade. Classical media advertising still has a role to play, but instead of being front and centre, it is now becoming almost niche. Consumers rely increasingly on digital sources for their everyday information and social media influencers dominate decision making. So it becomes increasingly necessary for airlines to channel resources into getting in the mix of those behavioural patterns. But it needs clear, sensitive and flexible strategies.

Moderator: Skylight Aviation, Senior Advisor and former easyJet Group Strategy & Network Director, Cath Lynn

  • airBaltic, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Martin Gauss
  • Finnair, CCO, Juha Jarvinen
  • Kenya Airways, Group Managing Director & CEO, Sebastian Mikosz
  • KLM, President & CEO, Pieter Elbers
14:25 Keynote: The FFP Trinity: data, loot and loyalty: Using data to generate revenue
FFP Investment & Advisory, Partner, Evert de Boer [Download Presentation]
14:40 Panel: The FFP Trinity: data, loot and loyalty: Using data to generate revenue
Ever since Air Canada first floated the concept of combining loyalty with using the FFP entity as a revenue centre in its own right, there has been an uneasy and highly dynamic equilibrium between maximising income and generating loyalty. Later came the recognition that there was intrinsic value in the intimate data that passengers delivered - even those whose loyalty was limited at best. Today, any FFP that does not maximise the benefits from analysing and applying the data it gathers is falling short of its potential. Finding partners who can expand datasets and help in the analytics process is increasingly a must.

Moderator: FFP Investment & Advisory, Managing Partner, On Point Loyalty, Evert de Boer

  • Amadeus IT Group, Global Head, Amadeus Loyalty, Dominic Matthews
  • CityJet, CEO, Patrick Byrne
  • Finnair, CCO, Juha Jarvinen
15:25 Coffee Break & Networking
15:55 Keynote: Evolving distribution systems. Where are we up to? Rich content, NDC and more
Travelport, Global Head of Product & Marketing, Air Commerce, Ian Heywood [Download Presentation]
16:10 Panel: Evolving distribution systems. Where are we up to? Rich content, NDC and more
Everyone’s keen to expand reach and leverage revenue, ancillary or otherwise. Achieving optimum value is an elusive and constantly shifting goal, as new competitive entities arrive in the market, both at the operating level and using tech to find smarter new ways of doing business. Creating a bridge between traditional and future systems, where many – often uncomfortable – bedfellows must coexist is vital to medium term success.

Moderator: Mezi
, Vice President, Travel Strategy & Partnerships, Johnny Thorsen

  • Datalex, CEO, Aidan Brogan
  • Ryanair, COO, Peter Bellew
  • Skyscanner, Senior Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, Hugh Aitken
  • Travelport, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Air Commerce, Derek Sharp
16:45 Special Vision: 2030 – What will the Travel Digital Ecosystem look like; and the opportunities it presents:
This Keynote presentation consists of two parts: Section A (Kenny Jacobs): The Amazon of Travel: Distribution – flight and non-flight; Apps; Content: to inspire and help; and Google & Search Section B (Bobby Healy): What the Future holds: Conversational commerce; Artificial Intelligence; China is the new world tech leader; Payment: how we pay; Augmented/Virtual reality; NDC and one order; Uber in the air; and Alexa & AI

Ryanair, CMO, Kenny Jacobs [Download Presentation] & CarTrawler, CTO, Bobby Healy
17:30 End of Day 1 Sessions
 19:00 Powerscourt CEO Dinner Debate: Is Open Skies Closed for Business?
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