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Vueling's outlook brightens as another rival perishes


Vueling’s outlook received a boost with the failure of LTE International Airlines on 17-Oct-08 – the fourth Spanish airline to succumb to challenging market conditions in recent weeks. The carrier’s shares rose 10% on 20-Oct-08 on the news of LTE’s failure, as investors consider how the remaining carriers are poised to benefit. [960 words]

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  • Reports "strong increase" in revenues to offset decline in passenger traffic
  • CEO increases shareholdings....again
  • Longer-term outlook brightens with proposed Vueling-clicker merger
  • Outlook: Not out of the woods yet

Graphs and data:

  • Vueling fleet plan: 4Q07 to 1Q09
  • Vueling four strategic pillars
  • Vueling change in revenue per passenger: 1Q07 to 2Q08
  • Spanish airline failures/cessations: Sep-08/Oct-08
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