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Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to operate international services


In a major shift in Japanese airport policy, Japan’s Transport Minister, Seiji Maehara, plans to allow Tokyo's Haneda Airport to operate international services 24-hours a day – a proposal that is sending shock waves through the local industry, most notably the managements of Kansai and Narita airports, whilst catalysing strong interest abroad. [2240 words]

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  • Haneda to become a “round-the-clock international airport”; Kansai’s future threatened
  • KIX - Hub or nothing
  • Haneda’s capacity boom
  • Ibaraki Airport to join the action but airlines shun it so far
  • Overcapacity v. Undercapacity
  • Could the Shinkansen be the ‘silver Bullet’ for airport charges?
  • JAL on financial life support

Graphs and data:

  • Japan country and city locator
  • Table: Summary of slot expansion at Tokyo Narita & Haneda airports in 2010
  • Tokyo Narita and Haneda traffic highlights: Jun-2008 to Jun-2009
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