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The renaissance of the train threatens airlines and airports in China


China Southern Airlines’ Chairman, Si Xianmin, has warned that emerging competition from China's expanding high-speed train services network is a “major challenge” for the country's airlines and would likely affect the airline business, due to lower prices offered by rail. China is the latest country to see the emerging threat from the renaissance of the train. For airlines and airports alike it is a global issue. [4800 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Rail “will impact on the global aviation industry”
  • Taiwan, Korea and Japan already with high-speed rail
  • Advantages of rail over air
  • India’s rail services have survived the low cost air onslaught
  • UK government fixated on replacing domestic air with rail
  • High-speed rail in Continental Europe
  • New ticketing procedures will facilitate multi-sector journeys
  • United States – big vision, little money (until now)
  • “I have a dream” Obama eulogises high-speed rail
  • Is rail-air cooperation the way forward?
  • Summary and conclusions

Graphs and data:

  • Projected Evolution of the high-speed rail network in Europe by 2020
  • High-speed rail corridors in the US
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