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The Class War: Is Premium Dead or Just Resting?


The first in a weekly Friday Reflections column prepared by Ron Kuhlmann, with The Centre.

Premium traffic, so recently the keystone of financial performance, has slumped dramatically since the financial meltdown. Seats between New York and London, once priced at $10,000 for a return, can now be had for a quarter of that. Is this a blip or a fundamental change in the way that premium fares are priced? [2141 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Flat Beds Meet Flatter Traffic
  • Too Many Eggs in One Basket?
  • Long term change or short term adjustment?

Graphs and data:

  • ATA passenger yield growth: Jan-08 to Mar-09
  • Global premium traffic reductions: Feb-09 vs Feb-08
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