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Shock horror! Liverpool airport turns to charters for its salvation


The last decade and a half in Europe has been dominated by the apparently relentless march of the LCCs. But with diminishing growth latterly in that segment nationally in the UK, and with declining traffic, Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) has decided to try to attract charter flights again in attempt to turn those figures around. This is somewhat ironic as Liverpool was one of the most aggressive airports when it came to attracting LCCs from the late 1990s onwards, openly targeting, with the connivance of those budget airlines, the "old school" inclusive charter flight/holiday packages at other, neighbouring airports. [1716 words]

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  • 11.25% passenger traffic reduction in 2012 to date
  • Four airlines for five million passengers
  • LJLA pays the FIT price
  • Stansted of the North
  • Cruising along nicely
  • Irony of ironies

Graphs and data:

  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport capacity by carrier (seats per week): 12-Jun-2012 to 17-Jun-2012
  • Manchester Airport capacity by carrier (seats per week): 12-Jun-2012 to 17-Jun-2012
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