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Shenzhen Airport reports 275.6% increase in net profit in 1H2009


Shenzhen International Airport reported a 275.6% year-on-year increase in net profit for 1H2009, to USD41.5 million, as a result of significant losses in the previous corresponding period, including a lawsuit in 1H2008, in which the airport was ordered to pay USD28.2 million to the Industrial Bank Co Ltd, related to a loan agreement. [922 words]

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  • Signs cooperation agreement with Hainan Airlines Group
  • Terminal 3 construction under way
  • Estimates new Hong Kong-Shenzhen airports rail link to cost approximately USD7.6 billion
  • Opens new city check-in centres

Graphs and data:

  • Shenzhen International Airport Co Ltd financial highlights: six months ended 30-Jun-09
  • Shenzhen International Airport financial performance comparison: 1H2008 vs 1H2009
  • Shenzhen International Airport operating profit and net profit margin: 1H2007 vs 1H2008 vs 1H2009
  • Shenzhen International Airport passenger numbers and cargo volume growth: Jul-2008 to Jun-2009
  • Shenzhen International Airport capacity share by carrier (week commencing 10-Aug-09)
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