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Paralysis by analysis – the UK airport capacity debate goes on and on at the Labour Party conference


It is political party annual conference time in the UK, when the parties attempt to convince the public, via extensively televised and reported coverage, that they are best suited to lead the country out of the mess it is in from 2015, which is the fixed year for the next General Election. On the fringe of the (official opposition) Labour Party conference in Manchester a well attended meeting took place on 01-Oct-2012, organised by Transport Times, and which discussed in some detail in a short time ‘The Future of UK Aviation’. Unfortunately, for all the fine words and eloquent presentations, we are no nearer knowing what the optimum way forward is for dealing with the so-called airport capacity challenge. [2538 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Lib Dem and Conservative policies changing?
  • How do you ‘get the demand right’ in 2012 Britain?
  • 2003 – The last credible air transport document
  • UK plc threatened by lack of regional flights
  • Call for airport congestion charging and abandonment of the single till
  • National airports policy sought
  • Manchester plays its cards close to its chest
  • The fire has gone out of the environmental debate
  • Runway capacity returns to haunt McLoughlin

Graphs and data:

  • Capability of non-London airports to handle extra passenger traffic
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