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Norwegian Air Shuttle SWOT Analysis: Scandinavia’s largest LCC reports most profitable 2Q in history


Scandinavia’s largest LCC, Norwegian Air Shuttle, reported a higher-than-expected second-quarter net profit of EUR20.0 million, an impressive reversal from the EUR9.6 million loss in 2Q08 and the highest 2Q results in the company’s history.

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  • Strengths: Benefiting from cutbacks by its struggling rivals; increasing market share in the domestic and international arena
  • Growing (ancillary) revenues boosts cash balance
  • WEAKNESSES: Challenged by a weakening NOK, yield pressures beginning to show
  •  OPPORTUNITIES: Current conditions suit the LCC model
  • THREATS: Expects slowdown in business environment; ‘international’ operations particularly feeling the pressure
  •  OUTLOOK: Risk and uncertainty moving into 2009; outlook heavily dependent on economic environment

Graphs and data:

  • Norwegian financial highlights for three months ended Jun-2009
  • Norwegian share price growth: Jan-2009 to Jul-2009
  •  Norwegian’s capacity (ASKs) growth and load factor (%): 2Q06 to 2Q09
  • Norwegian’s market share on major routes from Oslo: 2Q06 to 2Q09
  • Norwegian’s increasing domestic marketshare: 2Q06 to 2Q09
  • Norwegian fleet growth: 4Q08 to 4Q09
  • Norwegian revenue growth (domestic and international): 2Q06 to 2Q09
  • Norwegian cost breakdown: 2Q08 vs 2Q09 
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle yield growth: Jun-2008 to Jun-2009
  •  Norwegian sensitivity analysis: Jun-2008 
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