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Natural and man-made events cloud airport investment


From volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to blizzards and floods, the world has been unsettled by a wave of natural disasters in the past year. Coupled with "man-made" events, such as the political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, at what point will private operators decide that airport investment under such circumstances is not worth the risk? [4024 words]

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  • Japan rocked by triple tragedies
  • Potential Japanese infrastructure investors to rethink
  • CIDCO quick to sound the alarm over Navi Mumbai
  • Christchurch proves its mettle, twice
  • ‘One in a million’ incident must be catered for
  • Plenty of detail, but more needed still
  • Volcanoes dot American west
  • Japan amongst the best prepared
  • Haiti has few pull factors to attract investors
  • MENA insurrections affecting many airports
  • People power calls for reverse privatisation
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