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Much-anticipated launch of cross-Strait services scheduled for 31-Aug-09


Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) confirmed the launch of the much-anticipated regular (ie scheduled) cross-Strait services would be on 31-Aug-09, ending a six-decade absence of regular cross-Strait services. [1798 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • The rush for the Taiwan branch
  • CAAC issues cross-Strait allocations
  • Strong results on existing cross-Strait services
  • ...but another blow to Cathay, Dragonair and Air Macau and HK/Macau airports
  • Perfect timing for Mainland and Taiwanese carriers, but not so good for Hong Kong and Macau

Graphs and data:

  • Expanded cross-Strait flights agreement: 24-Apr-09
  • CAAC cross-Strait service frequency allocations 
  • Taiwan Airlines’ expanded cross-Strait flights agreement
  • Cross-Strait capacity share (seats): Jul-2009
  • Passenger number growth at Beijing, Shanghai Pudong, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau Airports: Aug-2007 to Jul-2009
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