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Middle East premium traffic slump worsens


Passengers at the front end of the aircraft are becoming a scarce commodity, with IATA reporting that worldwide premium passenger traffic declines 21.1% year-on-year in Feb-2009, following a decline of 16.7% in Jan-2009. (The severity of the decline in Feb-2009 is blown out by approximately 3-3.5%, due to the impact of the leap year in Feb-2008). [1048 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Third consecutive month of general premium traffic downturn
  • Long-haul markets suffering the most
  • Economy cabin also suffering
  • Middle East carriers reacting to premium downturn, but the first victim is apparent
  • Approaching the bottom of the curve?

Graphs and data:

  • IATA international premium traffic growth: Jun-06 to Feb-09
  • International premium traffic markets: Feb-2009
  • Premium traffic: within Middle East, Middle East-Europe & worldwide
  • Premium traffic: Worldwide, Middle East to Far East, Africa & Southwest Pacific
  • Middle East premium traffic share & revenue share: Jun-07 to Feb-09
  • Middle East airlines ultra long-haul aircraft and orders
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