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Macau Outlook: Aviation stalemate reached, new ideas needed


Macau, one of Asia’s potential high growth aviation markets, is in need of a shake-up, having struggled since 2007 under a strategic, political and operational stalemate. North Asian aviation’s year of radical transformation in 2010 could provide a trigger for a renewal of Macau’s prospects, but the city’s aviation sector risks lagging the upheaval ahead in Japan, Korea and China. Beijing is effectively in the controlling seat, via Air China’s bailout of Air Macau last year (moving to majority ownership via various holding companies). Unfortunately for Macau, Air China has bigger items on its agenda (not least in the Pearl River Delta) and could take some time before it moves to leverage the city’s considerable aviation potential. [1423 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Air Macau underutilising considerable route portfolio
  • Viva Macau growth restricted by Air Macau
  • Outlook: 2010 to be a breakthrough year for North Asia, Macau may take longer

Graphs and data:

  • Macau total monthly seats: Dec-2001 to Dec-2009
  • Macau Airport passenger traffic and growth: 1997 to 2009
  • Air Macau fleet
  • Air Macau network share (%, proportion of seats per week)
  • Macau total carrier capacity share (%)
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