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Longer-term outlook brightens with proposed clickair-Vueling merger


Clickair, which transported its ten millionth passenger in Nov-08 in just over two years of operations, is set to benefit from its proposed merger with Vueling in a move aimed at rationalising competition in the cut-throat Spanish low cost market. The carrier’s outlook has also received a boost with the failure of four Spanish airlines within the past couple of months, although this reduction of competition could lead regulators to take a dim view towards any further market consolidation. [1145 words]

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  • Spanish market will see more LCC consolidation
  • LCCs overtake traditional airlines in Spain for the first time in Sep-08
  • "Not afraid" to adopt traditional legacy airline practices

Graphs and data:

  • Spanish airline failures/cessations: Sep-08/Oct-08
  • Spain international capacity breakdown by carrier (seats per week as % of total): Week commencing 24-Nov-08
  • LCC market capacity (seats): 2006-2008E
  • Clickair business product enhancements: 2008
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