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Japanese LCCs report USD14 million combined operating loss on USD1.3 billion of sales in FY2008/0


Japan’s five stand alone LCCs - Skymark, Air Do, Skynet Asia, Star Flyer and IBEX – reported a combined operating loss of JPY1.4 billion (USD14.4 million) in FY2008 (12 months ended 31-Mar-09), on revenues of JPY120.8 billion (USD1.3 billion), according to new research from the Centre. However, this result was distorted by Skymark’s JPY2.5 billion (USD26.7 million) operating loss. Excluding Skymark, the four smaller Japanese LCCs reported an operating profit of JPY1.2 billion (USD12.3 million). [1555 words]

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  • LCC capacity share at under 5% of domestic market
  • Skymark remains in the red in Jun-2009 quarter
  • Skymark benefiting from B737-800 transition; preparing for Haneda expansion
  • Skymark expecting a return to profitability in FY09/10 following a loss in FY08/09
  • Air Do and Star Flyer also expecting FY2009 profit
  • StarFlyer preparing for IPO

Graphs and data:

  • Japanese LCC financial results: FY2007 vs FY2008
  • Japan LCC capacity (seats) as % of total: seven months to Jul-2001 to Seven months to Jul-2009  
  • Japan LCC capacity (seats): Seven months to Jul-2001 to seven months to Jul-2009  
  • Japan domestic capacity share by carrier (seats per week as % of total)
  • Skymark financial highlights for three months ended 30-Jun-09
  • Skymark fleet plans: Aug-2009
  • Skymark forecast for FY2009/2010
  • Japanese LCC FY2009 Forecast
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