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Ireland considers abolition of EUR10 travel tax, Ryanair asks for more


Ireland’s Minister for Tourism, Mary Hanafin, stated in Nov-2010 that the Irish Government would consider scrapping the controversial EUR10 air travel tax in its forthcoming budget as it has failed to "return the revenues expected". Minister Hanafin said the government had forecast EUR125 million in annual revenue from the tax, but said it would raise just EUR80 million this year due to a decline in passenger traffic. [3066 words]

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  • Ryanair: scrap the tax, break up the DAA monopoly
  • Ryanair cuts capacity at Irish airports in response
  • Aer Lingus not increasing capacity next year
  • Aer Arann put in examinership
  • Dublin Airport Authority defends charges
  • Removal of tourist tax may not be enough

Graphs and data:

  • Cork, Dublin and Shannon airport passenger numbers: 2005 to 2009
  • Cork, Dublin and Shannon Airport monthly passenger numbers growth: Aug-2009 to Aug-2010
  • Cork, Dublin and Shannon Airport monthly passenger numbers: Aug-2009 to Aug-2010
  • Ryanair passenger numbers and load factor: Oct-2009 to Oct-2010
  • Ryanair top 10 destinations by capacity (seats) share (%): Nov-2010
  • Ireland capacity (seats) share by carrier (%)
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