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Inside the world's biggest airport construction projects in 2013/14


The CAPA Airport Construction and Capex database presently has over USD385 billion of projects indicated globally, led by Asia with just over USD115 billion of projects either in progress or planned for and with a good chance of completion. China, with 69 regional airports to be constructed by 2015, is the most active, adding to the existing 193. But some Asian countries, notably India and Indonesia, each with extended near-or more than double digit growth, are lagging badly in introducing new infrastructure.

The Middle East is also undertaking major investment, notably in the Gulf airports, as the world-changing operations of its main airlines continue to expand rapidly. But Saudi Arabia and Oman are also embarked on major expansions.

Istanbul's new airport starts to take shape in 2014, with completion of the world's biggest facility due to be completed by 2019. Meanwhile, in Brazil, the race is on to have sufficient capacity in place for the football world cup, due to commence in Jun-2014. [5180 words]

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  • USD385 billion of airport projects globally, led by Asia with just over USD115 billion on CAPA's Capex database
  • Asia Pacific
  • China – large scale investment continues but lack of profitability remains an issue for the smaller airports
  • Beijing – Daxing Airport construction under way as BCIA consolidates its position as world’s second busiest airport
  • Mumbai Airport’s second terminal scheduled to open shortly; Navi Mumbai airport remains hamstrung by red tape
  • Changi’s fourth terminal to be a ‘test bed’ for the fifth!
  • Dubai World Central aims to be the world’s biggest airport...eventually
  • Rapid construction anticipated for Istanbul’s new airport, but Brandenburg still lags
  • London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports spend big as they compete for additional runway capacity
  • Moscow needs almost USD10 billion for its three (soon to be four?) airport hubs
  • US – no new airports but big investment in existing facilities
  • Brazil belatedly investing in airport infrastructure as big sporting events loom
  • Cairo plans a giant USD14.5 billion airport city

Graphs and data:

  • Location of Daxing Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong Airport terminal share (seats) by system, 06 to 12-Jan-2014
  • The site for Navi Mumbai airport.
  • Changi Airport’s T4.
  • Doha’s Hamad International Airport.
  • An image of Heathrow’s completed Terminal 2
  • One of the reportedly favoured designs for an airport in the Thames Estuary, at the Isle of Grain.
  • Table A – Some of the world’s biggest airport projects, 2013-14
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