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Indigo, GoAir and Paramount break away from India's airline pack. Jet Airways shrinking fast


India's leading LCC, Indigo, continued to break away from its rivals last month, reporting a very strong 85.1% load factor and 12% increase in passenger numbers to 540,000. Only business-focused regional jet operator, Paramount, had a better load factor, of 89.4% (and 74% increase in pax to 82,000), while rival LCC, GoAir, also did well with an 84.2% load factor and 16.8% increase in passenger numbers to 188,000. SpiceJet reported a 79.1% load factor and 11.7% increase in passenger numbers to 496,000. [254 words]

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Graphs and data:

  • Indian carriers domestic passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Jun-08 to May-09
  • Indian carriers domestic passenger load factor in May-09
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