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Hainan Airlines faces another difficult year


Consistent with outcomes for most of China’s airlines, 2008 was a bleak year financially for Hainan Airlines, with a drastic turnaround from profit to loss being experienced. The carrier has sought government financial support to ease it through a very challenging start to 2009. [1127 words]

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  • Share price reflects the airlines results
  • New capital raising approved
  • Fleet purchases are down in 2009
  • Network growth continues, with a range of international destinations in the frame
  • HNA to partner in a new regional airline

Graphs and data:

  • Hainan Airlines - consolidated financial highlights for 12 months ended 31-Dec-08
  • Hainan Airlines - financial highlights for 1Q09 ended 31-Mar-09
  • Hainan Airlines - forecasts for 12 months ending 31-Dec-09
  • Hainan Airlines passenger number growth and cargo volume growth: Jun-2008 to May-2009
  • Hainan Airlines share price growth May-2008 to Jun-2009
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