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Global Airport Charges Review: Airport charges slashed – but still going up at some hubs


In times of economic difficulties and declining traffic, one might expect airport charges to be dwindling or at least being revised downwards to attract new routes or even just to retain existing business. In fact, that is the case, but as our survey demonstrates it is also notable that charges are in some cases increasing. Additionally, it is a sign of the times that airlines and trade organisations are also making their voice felt [4581 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Most deals support new routes
  • Pittsburgh gambles its future
  • Indian airports queue up to bring in higher charges and development fees
  • Hub airports rule, as CDG shows
  • Outside 'interference' growing - but not always a bad thing
  • Airline charges and incentives – changes 2009

Graphs and data:

  • Airlines/organisations calling for changes to charges and incentives
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