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Frontier Airlines achieves important step as Plan of Reorganisation approved by creditors


Frontier Airlines Holdings’ Plan of Reorganisation was approved by the necessary majority of creditors this month, with 92.58% of the voting creditors approving the plan and 99.84% of the dollar amount of voting claims approving the plan. [1360 words]

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  • Operating costs falling faster than revenue reductions
  • Yields and unit revenue weakness continues
  • Passenger traffic falls as a result of drastic capacity cuts
  • Cash and cash equivalents down stabilse around USD70 million mark
  • Commences codeshare partnership with Midwest Airlines 
  • Reaches wage and benefit concession agreement Teamsters Union

Graphs and data:

  • Reports ninth consecutive month of operating profits; fourth month of net profitability on focused cost cutting efforts
  • Frontier Airlines Holdings operating profit: Apr-2008 to Jul-2009
  • Frontier Airlines Holdings revenue and operating expenses: Apr-2008 to Jul-2009
  • Frontier Airlines Holdings operating expense breakdown: May-2008 to Apr-2009
  • Frontier Airlines passenger revenue (per ASM) growth (% change year-on-year): Jun-2007 to Jul-2009
  • Frontier Airlines yield (per ASM) growth (% change year-on-year): Jun-2007 to Jul-2009
  • Frontier Airlines traffic highlights: Jul-2009
  • North American carriers’ domestic passenger capacity growth (% change year-on-year): Jul-2009
  • Frontier capacity growth (ASK): Jan-2004 to Jul-2009
  • Frontier Airlines monthly cash and cash equivalent levels (USD): Apr-2008 to Jul-2009
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