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Fraport guarded about full year earnings, but some signs that merit optimism


The three months ending 30-Jun-09 saw another series of negative figures for Fraport as the recession bit. EBITDA fell by 14.2% and net profit by 33.5%. However, that is a slight improvement on the sixth month data. The largest fall was in aviation income EBITDA (-36.6%) and ground handling (-62.9%) The company will be glad to hear that Germany, along with France, is technically out of recession having recorded 0.3% growth in the quarter ending Jun-2009. But Fraport is a multinational company exposed to the performance of economies worldwide. [1691 words]

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  • 2009 earning may be worse than expected
  • Back to black
  • China and Russia in, India and UK out

Graphs and data:

  • Fraport financial highlightsd: 3 months ending 30-Jun-2009 (EUR million)
  • Fraport financial highlights: 6 months ending 30-Jun-2009 (EUR million except net profit)
  • Fraport revenue: 1Q2008 to 2Q2009
  • Fraport EBITDA margin and EBIT margin: 1Q2008 to 2Q2009
  • Fraport passenger number growth and cargo volume growth: Aug-2008 to Jul-2009
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